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SCNシ ミュレーター用アクチュエーター総販売代理店

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About FREX

レーシングシミュレーター、モーション、VR関連の商品を開発・製造・販売しています。FREX established in 1987 as a company who handle Import and Export Automotive parts and general products in Japan. We had started to produce and selling a sim related products since 2000 as started with Pressure sensitive brake pedal modified kit which was not exist in the market. Then original Shifters, Steering modify kit, Motion seat Kit and a lot of products we designed, produced and selling to all over the world. A lot of Racing drivers, Racing teams and fans use our products for their real race training. Why FREX


  • We produce realistic devices from scratch.

    Our priorities are realistic, reliability and proper price. 

  • You will love our Designs and Products

    You will love the designs and products because we flexibly arrange them on your requests.

  • We Deliver to all of the world

    We will ship to all of the world by Air via FedEx, DHL, EMS.... Most of the shipments only take a week door to door.


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157-1 Takou Kawachinagano-shi Osaka 5860036 JAPAN
Phone +81-721-54-0503

〒586-0036 大阪府河内長野市高向 157-1
Tel 0721-54-0503
Fax 0721-54-0604